"Olympia" _ 2016-2012

In his Olympia series, Jonas Zilius manages to reveal, in photographic terms, the multidimensionality of a tiny snapshot of the present: with his eye trained in the school of Bruno Latour, he observes archaeologists remapping the southern hall of the ancient site of Olympia.
Applying a stylistically nuanced visual language, he shows the actors and their technical equipment, the Mediterranean landscape with its touristic spectacle, and the ancient artefacts and digital modes of visualization that are now also being used for archaeological work.
The montage of different levels of reality produces new forms of photographic chronicling - a photography that seems equal to the complexity of the present.

The Olympia series was initially previewed at the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden at the group exhibition ÜBERMORGENKÜNSTLER in 2015 and was yet on display in 2016 at the f-stop Festival in Leipzig, at KAMUNA, Karlsruhe and also at "Offen auf AEG" in Nuernberg.